Converting Dollar sign ($) to jQuery

Some jQuery files are coded by dollar sign ($). That’s why It conflicts with php and other files. And then the jQuery file doesn’t work. Solve this problem Whole dollar signs ($) need to convert into ‘jQuery’. If there are plenty of dollar signs, This is very tough to convert and find the whole files. So to solve this difficulties there is a simple solution. Just follow the roles.

Go to your jQuery file and write this code before the beginning of whole codes,

(function($) {

Then go to the bottom of the file and in last of whole codes Write this code,

}) (jQuery);

Bootstrap Nav Hover Dropdown.

This is the discussion about how to make the Dropdown menu Hover dropdown instead of click.

Bootstrap Dropdown menus are normally click function dropdown. that means when click on the parent menu Item then the submenu Item shows. If you follow the instraction to make the menu hover dropdown. It’s very simple.

Just go to your stylesheet and write the code below,

ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu{
display: block;

To apply this code, make sure that you didn’t change anything from the default Bootstrap nav menu.

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